AAltus Capital Limited (“Altus” or “the Company”) is a premium asset management firm focused on providing investment solutions to a diverse range of clients. With licenses from the Pension and Insurance Authority (PIA) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Altus is authorized to offer Pension Fund Management Services and Manage Unit Trust Funds, respectively.

Our expertise in asset management is backed by years of experience managing portfolio for pension funds, high net worth individuals, and local institutions, actively participating in both the money market and capital market. At Altus, our highly skilled team has proven track record of navigating various economic conditions while preserving and growing our clients’ capital.

Our core mission is to help clients achieve their long-term financial goals by creating well-diversified portfolio of carefully selected investments. We strive to achieve specific targeted returns within defined risk limits, placing a strong emphasis on risk management and capital preservation.

With a client centric approach, Altus Capital Limited is dedicated to dedicated to building long-term relationships with our valued clients. Our commitment to excellence, integrity, and transparency sets us apart in the asset management industry, making us a trusted partner for individuals, institutions, and organizations seeking reliable investment solutions.


Our culture is centered entirely on client centricity, with a clear focus on providing long term value addition to clients, while maintaining the highest levels of excellence, ethics and professionalism. The entire firm’s activities are divided across distinct client groups: Individuals, Private Clients, Corporate and Institutions.



To build sustainable wealth for our clients and partners through ethical, innovative and prudent solutions.



To be a world class investment and wealth management firm for our chosen markets in Zambia.


Altus is a Latin adjective meaning “high, deep, noble or profound”. In line with our mission to build sustainable wealth for our clients and partners through ethical, innovative and prudent solutions, our brand driver sets as promise to our clients that Altus through its products and services offering will increase their financial altitude and grow with them.

Long Term Perspective

Our investment philosophy is based on a mid to long term perspective. A successful investment strategy needs a clearly defined set of goals and objectives

Solid Consistent

Every Altus portfolio has a well-defined return objective depending largely on the risk a client is willing to undertake in order to get their desired level of return. We believe that solid consistent returns produce the best long – term results.


Our Investment philosophy is backed by research and therefore our investment decisions have a strong foundation. In making any investment decisions, we take both the global and local economic environment into account and will ensure that each portfolio is well diversified, eliminating risks that a client is able to experience by investing in one type of security.


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